consultancy & audit

Click On IT London has been working in IT for years, with experience in business, education and healthcare we are in a great position to advise you on your IT solutions. 

IT is such a broad landscape now, there's often several areas where, with expert advice, changes in your hardware or software can save you time and money in the long run.

Health Check

  You M.O.T. your car every year, it's about time you took your technology through it's paces to see if it's still up to the job. 

  Designed specifically to keep you and your staff efficient, we're here to check over all of your IT hardware and software to make sure you're not wasting time (and money) every day at work. 

  We'll give you a report on the areas you can improve and the likely cost of the improvement so you can prioritise where you will find the most savings. 

  We're here to help your business or school become the best it can be. 

IT Security Audit

  We can run an assessment of your IT security, any holes in the network firewall and likely scenarios where you may see a data breach. 

  Don't wait for the worst to happen, let us ensure your network is safe from malware and spam so you don't have a potential GDPR violation down the line. 

  Prevention is much easier, and cheaper, than a cure if you're data is all held by ransomware. Be proactive and ensure your networks safety.

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